“You kill and I’m tired of following you”

                                                                     Louis C.K.     

Mike Merryfield

“There’s dynamite in your punchlines”

                                                Darryl Lenox


Tour Dates

Jun 20,21 Goonies / Rochester MN

Jun 27,28 LOL / Clayton NC

Jul 11,12 Comedy Zone / Greensboro SC

Jul 24-26 Laugh Shop / Calgary Canada

Jul 31-Aug 2 Joke Joint / Houston TX

Aug 8,9 Velveeta Room / Austin TX

Aug 29,30 Jokerz / Milwaukee WI

Sep 11-14 Uncivil Union Comedy Tour with Dave Landau / FunnyBone / DesMoines IA

Sep 26,27 Comedy Zone / Harrisburg PA

Oct 3 Janesville WI

Oct 4 Wausau WI

Oct 10-12 Laffs / Tucson AZ

Oct 17,18 Comedy Zone / Charleston WV

Oct 24,25 Comedy Zone / Johnson City TN

Nov 5-8 Skyline / Appleton WI

Nov 13-15 Joke Joint / St.Paul MN

Nov 28-30 Black and Blue comedy Tour with BT / FunnyBone / Toledo, OH

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RUNNER UP 2012 37th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition

One of the original "Lucky 21" at the HBO Comedy Festival.

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